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Long Term Care Specialists, Inc and its providers provide your medical oversight and primary care throughout your stay in your skilled nursing facility, assisted living center, or independent living community. One or more of our physicians and advanced practice clinicians were involved in your care while at the community. 

Using demographic and insurance information obtained from your facility, our team first bills any applicable insurances for our services. Our statements represent the current amount outstanding as of the date of the statement being generated, including any amounts your insurance has indicated are the responsibility of the member. These are separate from any charges from your community, pharmacy, or ancillary providers who also serve you at the community.

If you have questions about the items on your statement or feel we do not have the correct insurance information on file, please contact our business office at (405) 557-1200 to speak with one of our billing team members. You can also send us a message by clicking here. Please do not include any personal information, such as your SSN or date of birth with your email. 

If you would like to make a payment online, please click here to be forwarded to our secure payment site.

Patient Billing Information

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