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Effortless Care Delivery

When searching for a health care partner for your residents, you should not only look for the best available option for your residents but also one that knows the ins and outs of care delivery in a residential setting.


By serving over 100 nursing facilities and assisted living centers statewide, Long Term Care Specialists knows your needs. With 24 clinicians and a dedicated administrative team, care delivery is one less item for you to follow-up on.

Your community and it's residents aren't your part-time job. It shouldn't be your care team's either. We are devoted full-time to caring for communities just like yours. We know your needs and how to deliver.


Interested? Lets Talk and find the best solution to suit your community! 

Scheduled Visits

LTCS is ready to meet your needs - on your terms.

With a variety of scheduling options, we work with your team to ensure we are there at a convenient time.

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